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New Generation of Bubble Tea ​ ​


What's New
New Generation
of Bubble Tea?

Maybe the chewy, addictive texture of the tapioca balls, the creaminess of the milky tea, the refreshing feeling of the juicy bubbles bursting inside your mouth or the simple satisfaction of popping the straw into the sealed plastic top.

The thing is that people can't get enough of bubble tea (a.k.a. boba).


Bubble Tea is one of the few tea preparations that has become a full-blown sensation not only in its country of origin, Taiwan, but worldwide.

And Britain could not resist the Bubble temptation.

Moya offers the Classic Taiwanese flavours of Bubble tea from its place of birth.

But most importantly innovates and creates new flavours more up to Local taste.

Moya makes the difference by using fresh fruits and incredibly top quality fresh brewed tea. We hand-squeeze all of our juices at every single order.

We create very good looking & tasty Boba by introducing a lot of Cocktail Bar recipes, techniques of preparation and decoration.

Some of our drinks share the name with the most famous Cocktails that you could find in any Cocktail Bar in town . 

Keeping the flavour and aesthetics but using fresh fruit juices and brewed tea instead.

Furthermore , Moya does not only serves Boba drinks but creates and serves a place of gathering for a new generation of tea drinkers with similar lifestyles .

The Korean influence is undeniable in Moya ,from the K-pop beats to the Korean Merchandise and Snacks that can be purchased in-store or online .

AntiBoba Boba Club Merch -

"Moya Clothes line" was released in Sep 2020 to offer the sign of identity that Bubble Tea addicts were looking for in the high street .With Incredible success in Sales ,will be delivering more styles and Colours by the spring of 2021.


It is clear that Moya is a "Vibe" not only to quench your thirst but to be part of this new lifestyle that has Boba & K-pop in the core of its nature .

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